Social Value in Development
and Humanitarian Assistance

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About Us

Social Value in Development and Humanitarian Assistance (SVDHA) is a group focused on the practice of social value in the fields of international development and humanitarian assistance. We have three main aims:

The group is led by Envoy Partnership, a social value consultancy, and supported by Social Value International.

Whether you work in the international development or humanitarian assistance sectors, or you are just interested, we would love to have you in the group.

Checklist for Social Value in Development and Humanitarian Assistance

SVDHA have developed a checklist for applying Social Value in the international development and humanitarian assistance sectors. This presents practical guidance on applying the Social Value principles and methodology, and addresses some of the challenges to the approach.

Social Value Case Studies

Case study

Chiang Mai Framework for Action

Details: The Baan Dek Foundation works with property developers and construction companies to improve living conditions and access to services for workers and their children, the majority of whom migrate to work in Thailand from Myanmar and Cambodia.

Photo credit: © Baan Dek Foundation

Case Study

Ending Child Labour in Tobacco

Details: The ECLT Foundation is committed to collaborative solutions for children and their families that combat the root causes of child labour in tobacco-growing communities.

Photo credit: © ECLT Foundation

Case study

Femina Hip

Details: Femina Hip provides edu-tainment to young people, runs extracurricular “Fema clubs” and offers transformative life skills training and entrepreneurship education that supports young people to know themselves better and to self-organize as active citizens.

Photo credit: © Femina Hip

Case Study

Rinat Akhmetov Foundation’s Food Aid Initiative

Details: The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation provided food aid to people affected by conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine, from the start of the conflict in 2014 until 2020.

Photo credit: © Rinat Akhmetov Foundation

Case Study

Community Social Worker Training

Details: Tearfund supported EFICOR’s Community Social Worker Training, equipping individuals with knowledge, skills and tools to use as change agents in communities. 

Photo credit: © EFICOR


Social value and humanitarian
aid in Ukraine

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Social value, humanitarian aid, and conflict zones lessons from Ukraine. An exploration of social value in the deliver of humanitarian aid in Donbass, Ukraine, from Social Value Matters 2020.

Social value and child protection
in East Africa

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Using the wisdom of the crowd to protect East African children. Exploring the value of efforts to catalyse, tap into and learn from the collective intelligence of a crowd of child protectors in East Africa.

and social value

ECLT video
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The ECLT Foundation use the SROI methodology to explore the social value created by their programmes.

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